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Vital information about Cappadocia
Attractions near Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey


Cappadocia has a continental climate, there is a significant temperature difference between day and night with warm/hot summers and cold winters, often with significant snow fall. Lying in central Anatolia, the region is at over 1000 metres above sea level, with volcanic peaks that reach 3916m. Cappadocia is enclosed on both the Northern and Southern coasts by mountain ranges and the area receives very little rain throughout the year.

Spring is a great time to visit as the trees are budding, life is stirring again, everything is available, and the temperatures are perfect for seeing all the sites; the active can enjoy trekking, mountain-biking and horse-riding.

From May through late June and even into early July you should expect warm days with cool nights, the average temperature for spring is approximately 15 degrees Celsius. Rain is not uncommon, although it appears in short intervals.

May also marks the beginning of the hot air ballooning season, which extends into December and provides a bird's eye view of the area which is equivalent in size to the Grand Canyon.

Attractions near Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey
Attractions near Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey

Cappadocia's summers are dry and hot but not oppressive. As you look around the towns and villages, you will notice that very few of the local residents have air conditioners. This is because the daytime temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius for 3-4 weeks at most, usually from late July to late August. Daytime temperatures can rise up to 38 degrees Celsius. Showers come across this region only about once or twice a month during this time.

By mid-September Autumn has descended and Cappadocia has entered the prime visiting time until mid to late October with average temperatures around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Expect warm sunny days followed by cool evenings with beautiful sunsets.

The winter lasts from November through March. The snow can fall as early as November but generally will not stick until late December. From there it can continue intermittently through April but will be rare after March 1.

You should expect to wear a jacket starting in October and heavy coats from mid-November through March. Skiing is an increasingly popular winter sport in Cappadocia at Mt. Erciyes (Argeus) with a mountain range up to 3000 metres and average of 2 metres of snow throughout the season which runs from November - April. Quad biking tours through snowy fields also run at this time of year.

Attractions near Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey
Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey
Clients at Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey


English is widely spoken in the hotel and hospitality sectors in Cappadocia and the major towns, cities in Turkey. You may have some difficulty in communicating in English in some of the more remote parts of Turkey. A phrase book, dictionary or application are always useful items to be packed when visiting such areas.


For Turkey, there are two associated plug types: type C and type F.

• Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins
• Plug type F is the plug which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side

Turkey operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

You may ask our information desk converter which suites to your plug.

Detail at Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey
Save at Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey


A currency exchange service is available at the hotel’s front desk and you may also change your money at local banks.

Shopping and Business hours

Cappadocia has boutique shops for gift and carpet stores, pottery shops seven days a week. Department stores are open from 10am daily and close from 7pm. Most international companies operate a five-day week. Normal business hours are 9:00am to 6.00 pm. Lunch in Turkey is taken typically from 12 – 01:30 pm noon.

Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey
Anka Cave Suites in Cappadocia,Turkey


Staff will always still appreciate small cash tips (The standard rate is 10 percent) as a gesture of appreciation and thanks.

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